Thursday, July 10, 2008

Overwhelming and Forever Evolving

It is amazing how life can change. Several years back I was working with a large corporation, very successful, very secure, bored...but doing something that I was exceedingly good at. I had obtained my Series 6, Series 63, and my Ohio Life & Health licenses. I had hired a personal trainer and was at a point that I knew I wasn't doing what I wanted as a career, but I was on the right path personally feeling better about myself. I was nearing 30....a tough age. I didn't want to leave my 20's! Then....the dreaded Reorganization. I knew I still was going to be offered a job, but I took this as my chance to leave and try something new.

In 2006, the year I turned 30, I decided to try my first competition as a Figure Competitor. Who knew I would love it and take home a trophy to boot. I was in the BEST shape of my life at the age of 30, I had discovered my niche and passion in weight training, and now was on a new path with a competitive future. I had also begun freelancing as a make up artist with MAC Cosmetics. I had always had a natural ability with make up, putting make up on girlfriends before we hit the town for the evening, but now I knew that I wanted it to be part of my business and not just for fun. So, I began to build my kit and booked a few brides. I was actively working for another company as a Financial Advisor, and though I knew I was good with people and enjoyed my clients, selling Financial Products to support myself was not where I needed to be. I then got my personal training certification and got a job with a brand new gym. Unfortunately, the gym was more interested in customers' wallets and not helping them achieve a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, I left and ended up back in a Financial position. But, I continued competing and building my make up business!

Now you ask...."where are you now??" Everything has come full circle. After work, research, and time....I am establishing Tara's Fitness and Beauty ! As a personal trainer, I want to help everyone who wants help, but my business will be advertising to mainly Brides getting ready for her wedding day. I will have programs leading up to her event, but my goal is to maintain these relationships after that special occasion. I want to make sure each and every client has the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain his/her goals once they are reached. Once the wedding day comes, I hope to complete the package with applying her and her bridesmaids make up! In addition, as a competitor I will continue applying photoshoot makeup and stage make up for the Show's I don't choose to compete in myself.

I will be teaming up with Unveiled Photography, , Alices Piece of cake, , American Body Wraps, and hopefully I will be known in Columbus as the personal trainer to hire for that special event. I will be facilitating Bridal Bootcamps, where everyone is welcome, and certainly in home personal training, so that a gym membership will not be required.

Finally, I will be leaving the Financial Industry to persue my passion. I will always be available to assist clients in that area, if they so choose, but my focus will be on Health, Wellness, and Beauty. I have also teamed up with World Ventures, so make sure you visit the link on my sites to take advantage of savings for any travel needs! As things continue to evolve, I will update my blog. I am hoping by August 1st, will be ready to launch. In the meantime, I can be reached at

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Stacy said...

Great job! Keep up the posts, I will enjoy reading them!